Thursday, June 13, 2019

Where to look in times of trouble

It used to be I would look in the wrong place when I was discouraged and needed answers. When I encountered a day that shook me, a day where I wondered what I was doing wrong as a mother or how I could be inspired to be different, I would read blogs or instagram, searching for something I could hold on to. Someone who had 'figured it out' that would help me figure my life out too.

But in the past several years I've realized that is NOT the source I should look to. That is not where the answers, specific to me and my situation, will come.

Heavenly Father has the answers for me. The way you can hear him is by drowning out the distractions, the other blogs and instagrams. You can hear him speak to you by pulling out your scriptures and listening to the thoughts and ideas that come to you as you read there. You can hear him by kneeling down in your hardest moments and telling him how hard it is for you. Pleading with him for help. He hears all of those prayers. He knows exactly what you need to confront your problems. He might tell you immediately, as you wait humbly on your knees after you pray. He might tell you days later as you piece together new ideas that have come into your head that you talk through and discuss with your husband. He might tell you as you make time to listen to a conference talk, as you choose to listen at a time when you could have instead decided to be distracted or drowned in music, trying to get your mind off of hard things. When you chose to listen to a conference talk instead, that numbing of feelings you were looking for gives way to a teaching moment for your Father in Heaven-- you'll be better able to face your hard things. 

However the answers come, I testify that they do come. Your hardest problems deserve to be solved by your best source-- your Heavenly Father.

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  1. Love this so much, Ashley! You are absolutely right and I'm slowly learning that too. How lucky we are to have a 24/7 helpline!