Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Where Negative Thoughts Come From

Negative thoughts come from Satan. They are not created in your own mind.

Lehi taught us that we are always being enticed one way or the other.

When you feel bad about the way that you look, or you feel left out, or you tell yourself you're a bad mother, we often call that "negative self-talk," insinuating that you are telling yourself bad things about yourself. But that is not what is really happening in your mind. What is really happening is that Satan is telling you things and you are agreeing with them.

When you understand your divine worth, when you understand that God doesn't make trash, you can recognize that that 'negative self-talk' in your head is not actually you. A divine being would not berate themselves, compare their worst against somebody's best, or pick out all of their flaws. Why? Because they understand the continuum they are on. They know they are, albeit slowly and with many missteps, becoming more like their Heavenly Father. They understand on a fundamental level that out-of-whack comparisons and kicking yourself while you're down will NOT get them there. So who would want me to do that? If it smells like a rat-- it is, it's Satan. His tactics are always the same. He trying to convince all of us that we're not divine. He's trying to conquer you.

If your 'negative self-talk' sound eerily similar to someone else's, it's because it's NOT 'self talk' it's the same person feeding the same lies to all of us trying to convince us we're not divine.

My 'word of the year' this year was 'unconquerable spirit' because I am NOT going to let Satan conquer me. I'm smarter now. I know where I come from, where I am going, and I can see through his lies and tactics. Any time he tries to get to me compare, or feel bad about myself, I say "Not today Satan. I know what you're trying to do and it's not going to work. I'm not going down that rabbit hole. I've been there and it doesn't bring me anything but misery and depression."

Negative self talk can be combatted with service and correct views about your service. "I'm behind on the laundry because I'm taking the time to calm a crying child." "The dishes aren't done because I sat and read with my kids today." You are doing good things, don't you ever forget it.

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