Sunday, June 23, 2019

May Days

My brother Derek came to visit and it was Baby Heaven around here!

Uncle Derek tells the best stories!

It was Derek's birthday while he was here. German chocolate cake. Yum!

We also went with Derek's family to Sarah's for the Strawberry Festival. In the parade was a "giant Idaho potato."

We went on a fun little date night at the festival. Derek & Clara and Ben & I rode the ferris wheel

Meanwhile this was happening...

Frank is seriously so adorable with babies. He went over to rock Ezra because he was crying.

How blessed am I on Mother's Day. My cards from my kids.

Ephraim graduated from preschool. Oh my heart!

Frank was in the program too

We bought Gretchen a swing and one of our kids made it look like she was holding the teddy bears. Hah! It was cute.

Quick day trip to Mounds State Park

Third wheel on our date

Thought this was a really nice thank-you card from one of Cheyenne's teachers

Climbing trees at the church while Cheyenne is doing piano lessons

Learned to smile!

Cheyenne's art won an award at school!

Cheyenne outgrew the kid table so we had to get a new one. We moved this one downstairs. It's still so cool that Ben built it, and all the chairs!

A baby trying to fall asleep

I could take a picture like this everyday. Frank asks to hold Gretchen every single day. They have a special relationship. He is trying to fix the burp cloth to be her pillow.

Beautiful evening light one night