Friday, May 3, 2019

Is it your dream or is it pride?

I used to think that I wanted to write a book or I wanted to have a widely read blog. I thought that was my dream. But what I've realized over time is that that "dream" was a manifestation of my own pride. I wanted to be well-liked and considered "right" or smart. I feel called to blog, so I thought, "This will help me accomplish my dream! The Lord is helping me realize this 'dream' of mine."

In truth, the Lord will give you what you want or something better. I wanted a well-known blog or a book because I wanted to satisfy my pride-- I wanted to feel important or acceptedI'm not saying all dreams are misguided, but mine was and I'm grateful the Lord didn't give me what I wanted. He gave me something better. 

In our world success is measured by numbers. What does it mean then, if we feel "called" to do something and we don't have the "numbers" to show success? The Lord's success is measured by individuals, not by numbers. It's because he cares so much about the individual that he will call the "weak things ofthe world" to do work that will effect people on an individual level. I may not be known by thousands or even hundreds, but I am doing the work the Lord has set out for me. Nothing you can do for the Lord is too small, because no person is too small for the Lord to care about. You matter to Him, and you are making a difference for someone else. "The worth of souls is great is the sight of God." Don't let your "dreams" get in the way of doing the work the Lord has for you to do, a work that is others-centered and brings glory to Him, not yourself.