Monday, May 20, 2019

April Days

All dressed up for Easter Sunday!

After Frank I've always dreamed of the day we could add that last basket :)

Back when they first got their suits. Wow they are so cute!!

Delaney moved up a level in gymnastics and she was so happy!

Gretchen 'watching' General Conference for the first time!

So cute!

Frank thought Gretchen would like to read this book about Mr. Panda

My helpers

The "cat's pajamas" :)

"Mom take a pictures of me!"

They thought it was so funny she fit in their doll bed

This was from back when Ben was home for a week after Gretchen was born. He went out to the shop and Frank got into the spray paint! Luckily we looked up how to get it off and it came off!!

Delaney loves it when Gretchen uses her tiny little fingers and grabs on to her. She thinks its so cute.

Subway from my sister Haley. Thanks Haley!

So pretty Frank! With the girls headbands on

The boys playing with "triangles" magnet toys

On Good Friday Ben took the three oldest to How to Train Your Dragon 3

Frank was learning about England/kings in preschool

Ephraim FINALLY woke up. Ephraim is our sleeper. I think it was 10:00! He doesn't normally sleep this long, but very rarely he will. I had to text Ben that he was indeed alive!

This kid is so strong! And VERY determined to do it "all by himself"!

Delaney got kicked in the face during gymnastics when she was standing too close to another girl. It was about time for some more facial trauma for her!

Whenever we pull out this game Frank calls this "Aunt Sarah"

Hard to see my boys running at the park

Some friends gifted us some Lego magazines and Cheyenne learned how to make ninja masks

Our friends daughter was in the hospital and Delaney wanted her to know how much those of us at church love her!

We bought Cheyenne some dangily earrings. She looks so grown up!

 Photos of the beautiful tree out our kitchen window at the start of spring!

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  1. Cute kids.Don't let Gretchen get too big before we see her again. Mom