Wednesday, April 10, 2019

March Days

 Frank thought it was hilarious to "feed" Ephraim this water bottle

Last picture in the womb! At 36 weeks

From back in February, but these made me sad. We want our kids to be rude to each other? I need to start a petition to bring back "fax me" ;)

Trying to take a Sunday nap

Broke a carton and half of eggs. Soo proud of himself for "baking" hmmm....

Fun at the Relief Society birthday dinner

Last time I've had time to do my hair... the night before the baby

I had a baby! 

Ben cutting the cord

So squishy!!

Classic plastic bassinet at the hospital. As a side note, I LOVE the free meals at the hospital. Something about being a stay-at-home mom and always cooking for everyone else, eating yummy food at the hospital and ordering whatever you want and not having to make it or clean it up is always something I look forward to!

Love Frank's face

My mom made these ADORABLE aprons for the kids. A few months ago Delaney sent my mom a Marco Polo about how she needed an apron "with donuts on it." My mom was so sweet and found some donut fabric she could put on Delaney's apron. Frank loved his apron so much, he insisted on sleeping with it on! Frank and Delaney are my two helpers in the kitchen, they love making things.

Making cookies with Grandma

Ephraim is our builder extraordinaire. He loves this marble run set we got for Christmas and loves building towers with it. 

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