Wednesday, November 14, 2018

What saturation in social media robs you of

1. Confidence in your identity and your abilities and attributes.

2. Originality, the ability to listen to promptings from the Spirit and do and create good things that make you happy.

This most recent10-day social media fast has made a lot of things clearer in my mind than they ever have been, and I'm so grateful for it.

I've come to understand that when you are saturated in social media-- checking it daily, making it a "priority" by letting it be your default when you have downtime-- it robs you of the things that make you you.

What makes you you is confidence in your own skin. It's so fun as a woman to feel loved by your husband. To joke and be yourself, the person he fell in love with, to be the queen of his castle. Spending time on social media keeps your mind occupied with comparing your relationship against the half-visible relationships you see online, and keeps you comparing your relationship against what "could" be--the fake one-sided view posted online.

What makes you you is confidence in your mothering. Without the all-seeing eyes of social media you can be proud of your meager motherhood offerings, and love your kids in the way you are good at, without wondering if you are as good as another mother.

What makes you you are the thoughts that originate from you. These are thoughts that are not reactions to what you've seen online, or suggestions from others that you've tried on. Your originality is a gift and it's what other people love about you. Originality is snuffed out and stifled when we are told how we should act, think, and look on social media.

What makes you you is responding to the promptings from the spirit specifically to you. Daily social media use can keep your mind too occupied to even consider what other voices, outside of the computer, might have to say to you. Social media use as your downtime default keeps you from using your downtime toward something that will make a permanent difference in your life-- a personal relationship with your Heavenly Father.

I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes and I finally understand the joy I have been giving up by letting social media take a front seat in my life. The people who need me, the people I need are right in front of me and it's good and right to let everyone else online take a back seat.

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