Tuesday, October 2, 2018

September Days

 These kids had their Primary Program last week

We went to Amish country for Labor Day and these kids got to ride in a buggy!

We tried some delicious meat and cheese

And saw some beautiful Amish gardens

I went with Ephraim to the apple orchard with his preschool

Aren't these huge crates of apples fun?

Delaney watching Cheyenne's soccer game with Ben after her own soccer game

It's harder to see Cheyenne in her soccer pictures now that she plays on a bigger field. I need to get my good camera out there to take some pictures (she's in the pink leggings/sleeves)

One of the teams Cheyenne plays on (she plays on two teams, which is a story for another day)

Our friend Dave mows our lawn for us. Frank caught a ride one time!

This kid is a climber! 

Sometimes when you wake up too early from your nap...

We had to improvise after Frank figured out how to climb over the baby gate to the kitchen (wrapping his toes around the bars-- he is a spider monkey!). Ben as since installed plywood panels on the two sides, and plans to do a plywood one in the middle too.

Frank goes to preschool 2 days a week for 1.5 hours each time. Preschool for two year olds is my favorite! It took him some time to get used to it, but now he loves it. And it's exactly the age when a mom needs some time away from her kid. Every time he's gone I give myself a new organizing or cleaning project to do. I finally got around to sorting out this paper bin that's been a huge mess for months! I feel like my brain is cleaned out now! I've gotten so much done when he is gone. I'm grateful for preschool!

The girls had a two-hour fog delay so I had time to do their hair in matching crown braids!

I obviously look really good in the morning. 

Cheyenne's other team

I went to a friend's garage sale and got some awesome stuff!

Cheyenne won a prize because she knew the riddle

Delaney's doing a four-week drama camp/play

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