Thursday, September 27, 2018

You don't like to or want to read the scriptures?

I had a hard time reading my scriptures during the summer because the time I normally do it (during Frank's nap) I was often with the older kids doing things, or I got interrupted a million times so it was hard to focus. And I've found it's hard to get back into a consistent routine.

Why isn't scripture reading something we want to do, or why do we have a hard time choosing to do it over other things?

Scripture reading requires SACRIFICE. The Lord loves sacrifice and looks highly upon it. When you give up something you want to do in order to get closer to Him instead, you are rewarded eternally for it.

Scripture reading requires FAITH. Faith means you do something when you may not be getting anything in return initially. It takes time to start to feel the benefits of daily scripture reading, just like it takes time to feel the benefits of eating healthy or exercising.

Scripture reading requires AGENCY. The older I get, the more I've come to see how much the Lord really, really respects our agency, or our ability to choose for ourselves. As the hymn says, "God will force no man to Heaven." The blessings associated with scripture reading are available to anyone who chooses to claim them.

If scripture reading were "easy," this life wouldn't be much of a test, would it? The Lord wants to see your FAITH, your SACRIFICE in order to give you the great blessings daily scripture study provide-- peace, truth, enlightenment, direction, hope. It's yours to choose.

"The word sacrifice comes from the Latin words sacer, which means “sacred,” and facere, which means “to make”—in other words, to make things sacred, to bring honor to them. In what ways will sacrifice make our days meaningful and blessed? Personal sacrifice strengthens us and gives value to the things we sacrifice for." -Elder Taylor Godoy

"Make reading, studying and pondering the scriptures — in particular the Book of Mormon — and the words of the modern-day prophets a nonnegotiable part of your daily routine, regardless of time constraints. Your spiritual learning should not be motivated by doubt, but rather by a sense of awe and wonder for the truths of the gospel." -Bishop Gerald Causse

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