Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fully Known

I never knew how much deeper love would grow as you got older, and how much better it gets than the stuff they show as the "pinnacle of love" on tv. In our society, young, showy, "romantic" love is portrayed as the height of love, but the feelings between spouses grows into so much more than that as they choose to love each other year after year after year.  

This person knows all of your faults, all of your poor decisions and your weak points. They've seen you at your best and your worst. You are fully known by them. Family members fully know you too-- but this is a different love than how a brother or a sister or a parent loves you. Your family loves you simply because you were born. But your spouse chose you out of all the people they could spend eternity with, and they keep choosing you everyday, year after year. It is awe-inspiring.

In addition to fully knowing you and choosing you everyday, your spouse fully knows you AND thinks the world of you. It's the most amazing thing, to think that somebody can know every unlikable thing about you and still love you. And another amazing gift is that you feel the same way about them-- a deep, one-and-only love for somebody with faults and imperfections. The gift is that you don't see them as a collection of good traits and bad traits, but instead as a whole-- your whole world. It grows within you a deep respect for your partner and a desire to keep them happy, this wonderful person who has filled your life with the gift of love.

I loved the message of this song I heard on the radio recently about being fully known, but it is about Jesus Christ's love for all of us. How fitting that Elder Christofferson calls unconditional love divine love, because being filled with Jesus Christ's love for another person is the only way you could love someone so deeply. What a gift we have in marriage to experience divine love!


  1. Beautiful words and thoughts but I didn't like the song much. But I still like you. Mom

    1. Haha! I know you don’t like Christian rock Mom ;). Love you