Wednesday, August 8, 2018


I about die every time I do Delaney's hair in braids because it is so cute. When she was in kindergarten it was her pigtails that did me in. She's had so many cute phases!

I love her tan skin and the sun-bleached hair that frames her face. Her hair is so soft. She has nice features and pretty dark green eyes. She has happy eyes. She is a wire-y girl with skinny arms and legs, just like I was as a kid. She is just so, well, cute at this age! I want to always remember it. 

Things I like about Delaney at age 6:

-She loves childhood. She loves to play and play and play. She loves toys and playing with other kids and playing make believe.
-She is unapologetically girly and loves sparkles, glitter, sequins, high heels, and purple.
-While she loves being girly, she revels in playing in the mud with her brother, or getting soaked head to toe in the rain.
-She is mischievous and playful. It makes her hard to parent, but endears her to a lot of people!

I often wonder when Delaney will "grow up" or become more responsible. I was mature for my age when I was younger, and Cheyenne is too. But I've been working on giving Delaney space and allowing her to grow. I don't want to spend Delaney's whole life expecting her to be at a certain point and she in not. Neither do I want to pigeon-hole her as a certain way when she could change. I am certainly not the same person I was when I was, say, 15. We all grow, change, and learn different lessons in different seasons and at different rates. I'm excited to see what the future holds for our sweet little Delaney girl, but I also want to always remember the sweet Delaney we have now.

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  1. I love Delaney.She is so darling and has so much personality. Thes pictures are so "her", with her wind blown hair and a dirty shirt. I wish she was here to hug! Mom