Friday, June 1, 2018

May Days

I got to take a picture of each of the Primary kids for a Mother's Day craft we did at church. It's so crazy for me to think that I had once not been excited to serve in Primary. As I spent a few quick seconds with each child one-on-one, I was overwhelmed with love for each one of them individually. I could see their spunk turn to softness when I told them, "This picture is for your mother!" Immediately I got the biggest smiles. It really is such a gift to be around children and feel of their sweet spirits, and serve in Primary!

Here are the finished Mother's Day crafts!

This was an awesome thought from a "blog friend" (Can you call someone a friend if don't really know them and you've never met them in real life?). I thought it was a great perspective.

A few more pictures from our visit to Sarah's house

I loved seeing their stack of Book of Mormons in the corner. It brought back so many memories of family scripture reading from our childhood.

Sarah has many talents including playing the piano! Fun to see and hear her practice for Sunday.

Frankie turned 2 while we were at my sister Sarah's house!

Sarah has this bird feeder right out their living room window and it always had pretty yellow birds on it the whole time we were there. But they were definitely blase about it, Dad!

Frank loved the card Mom! Thanks!!

Had fun learning to make tortillas with my friends in Relief Society

Delaney's teacher sent some pictures at the end of the year. They are so cute! We've since grown out Delaney's bangs, but they are so cute now I'm wishing we hadn't!

100 chocolate chips for the 100th day of school

I was able to help out with her class' Valentine party

Delaney was enamored with the chicks that hatched in their classroom!

One afternoon I got to go in and read to Delaney's class

Tug-of-War. Elementary school is so fun!

At the Children's Museum as a field trip

Delaney's kindergarten program which I had to miss since Frank was sick. Not sure what this pose is...

Hanging out with the sickie

Last day of school!

After church one day

A good scripture I wanted to remember!

My friend told me about this app called Citation Index. You can look up a specific scripture verse and it will show you every conference talk it has ever been in. It's really cool!

Hanging out at the park with the boys one day

Flat tire. Luckily we were home and not stranded somewhere!

I thought these were great thoughts from Sis. Aburto. (As a side note, I've uninstalled Instagram and Facebook on my phone (and blocked the websites) so I can only check them when I am on the computer. It really helps me keep from mindlessly scrolling!)

Trampoline play with the neighbors. It was pretty much daily after school there for a while.

This kid will climb anything!

Ephraim's preschool program. Oh my goodness he is adorable!!

Took a walk in the park one day and Ephraim insisted he needed to climb across these rocks. He said, "Mom, I wish we lived here so I could practice this everyday."

Frank and I watched from the side. Frank has a cute little curl! On Frank's 2nd birthday we gave him his very first haircut so this curl is gone :(.

A great thought from President Hinckley.

Ephraim was a good little helper to me making dinner and cleaning up the house!

When we went to visit Sarah I thought I would buy the kids a treat and get some sugar cereal. Frankie was SO excited! He loves Fruit Loops!

On one of the first days of summer break we went to the creek at the park to play

Getting ready for our trip to the state park

We went to McCormick's Creek State Park. We've now visited all seven parks with inns! It was a really fun thing to try and accomplish.

Breakfast at the inn is always one of our favorite parts

While we've been to all the state parks with inns, there are actually like 30 state parks or something. Wow!! We've only been to 8 of them.

We tried out gymnastics for the last 8 weeks. The girls liked it pretty well. It's fun to try new things!

Started working through my new 2018 Powersheets!

We've started doing this weekly video chat with my six sisters. You guys! If you do not do this, you totally should! It is so fun

I looked up Raising Your Spirited Child again to try and help with Frank. I forgot how much good stuff the book covers!

Cheyenne submitted a picture to the Friend and they put it in their online art gallery :) (I realize this says Sierra drew it. I actually got them to change it, but I forgot to take a screenshot after they fixed it).

I thought this was a great thought on Carly's blog

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