Saturday, May 26, 2018


We visited our last state park this weekend. There is only one way to describe Indiana forests: magical.

I absolutely love hiking. I love being away from the world and seeing green for miles. There's something about it that is so rejuvenating for me. I feel happier, lighter. I would do it everyday if I didn't have little people who didn't enjoy it, and ask me every few steps, "How much longer?"
Ben and the kids humor me when we go to these state parks, and I appreciate it.

I love the organic shapes, the earthy smell. I love the sound of the birds chirping and the gentle breeze. The birds! I've never understood the fascination with bird watching until I moved to Indiana. Their chirps are so peaceful, so soothing. When we hike, it's often just our little family and the sound of the birds. Oh hiking in Indiana, I would bottle up the experience if I could! Time seems to slow down when you are in the forest.

One of my favorite authors was an Indiana native, and her stories always took place in the Indiana forests. She saw them as a magical place too.  Come spring, the once barren ground starts filling up with green. The foliage is so thick you can barely see the forest floor. 

The leaves come in so full overhead walking into the forest literally plunges you into darkness. It is mystical, I'm telling you.

I love Indiana in the summer!

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