Thursday, May 31, 2018

June Goals

I intentionally/unintentionally took May off for making goals, but I am back on track for June! Here are a few things I learned:
-I need to cut back on my goals. Less is more.
-Goals don't need to be perfect. You won't accomplish anything if you're forever waiting for the right time and the right words.

Monthly goals
-Go off sugar for month of June. I was really happy with the progress I had made in March and I want to get back there. Summer is such a great time to go off sugar because there's so much good stuff to eat! Plus I'll be traveling part of this month, this is an important month to be sugar free.

-Change a habit. Ben and I have been reading/listening to Finish and I've been really chewing on habits and what we call normal. Normal can be anything you want it to be. I didn't put a specific habit I wanted to change, I just want to see if I can make progress in making some of the habits I've been trying to change to stick.

-Create a bedtime routine I love. I'm still trying to sing to my kids at night, but I think I want to overhaul the whole nightly routine and see if I can make it something the kids and I can look forward to! What do you guys do as part of your bedtime routine that you love?

-See motherhood as service, not a burden. This is another thought I've been chewing on. It's really changed my perspective. I'm going to write about it sometime.

Weekly goals
-Cross things off our summer bucket list
-Enjoy my kids one-on-one

Daily goals
-Ask for guidance. I was really inspired by Sister Eubank's idea to ask the Lord what is one thing He wants you to do today. It went along really well with what I've learned about revelation, so I've been trying to do it. It is really cool if you've never tried it!

-Plan @ night. I have big summer plans and my success all depends upon me being prepared. Maybe I need to overhaul my own nightly routine-- I'm hoping planning each night will help me have a successful summer and be more grateful for what I've been given as I reflect each night on what we've been able to do.

-Connection w/ Ben. I'm always trying to be more intentional with the relationship that is the most important to me!

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