Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What is this blog for?

About a year ago I had an epiphany that I needed to blog intentionally to others. I tried a few different things and even ended up changing the name of my blog. It's been a great learning experience and I wanted to chronicle it here.

This is what I've learned Heavenly Father wants for my blog:

-I should have a blog but I'm not meant to "be a blogger." I hate to self-promote so I've been really grateful for the direction that this blog can simply be without me feeling like it had to define me.

-I've used this blog in the past as a cathartic place for me to sort out my feelings and expound my thoughts through words. I am a thinker by nature and naturally try to connect things and sort things out. I've tried to not be that way in the past, but it's a part of who I am. Lately, however, I've started journaling more and even talking to myself over my webcam. Yes, I know that's weird, but it actually completely fulfills the catharsis and organization of thoughts I've so craved in this space before. I am an introverted person by nature, so now many of those feelings are back in a more comfortable place for me. I won't shy away from sharing the sad, disappointed, or frustrated feelings I feel from time to time (because I do have them), or the thoughts that are important to me, but this public, open blog is no longer my first line of defense. I'm grateful for that.

-This blog is not a "how to" blog, a lifestyle blog, or an all-encompassing record of my life. It's simply a chronicle of the learning and growth I experience, culminated into "lesson learned" blog posts, and also every picture I want to keep (my laptop crashed last year and I was so grateful for my blog!!).

-This blog is not meant for everybody, nor am I trying to garner followers. I'm not trying to reach people, or change people's opinions, or make them do something. I'm simply sharing myself.

-It's been quite a mental shift for me to stop trying to "teach" people on my blog. But in truth, it's more honest to who I am. In life, I listen more than I talk. I ask a lot of questions. I think because of that, I've had this latent desire to just tell people what I think they should do, and I used to write it out in blog posts. I'm starting to retrain myself to be more myself in terms of tone of writing, and it's been a lot more enjoyable to write.

It's amazing to me to see how God can tutor and change us. He told me to make my blog for "other people" and I had a preconceived notion in my head of what that would look like. Little by little He has shown me what to change and what His vision is for this space. I've found so much joy and happiness as I change my thinking to His thinking.