Monday, February 5, 2018

January Days

 January can be summed up into one word... c-c-c-cold!!

With temperatures in the negatives, the kids were off school a few days this month. Nobody's allowed to wait for the bus when you can get frostbite in as little as 30 minutes! The frost looked pretty on the windows, but it sure made me grateful to live INside!!

I've been stunned by the sunsets out our kitchen window while I make dinner-- even their reflections in the picture frames.

 I braved the cold to get you these pictures... you're welcome.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day brought with it some snow. The kids had fun playing in it for 10 minutes until it was just too cold.

The yellow Tonka truck made another appearance, that thing goes with us everywhere! Now it's hauled sand, snow, and numerous toys.

It was this kid's first time "playing" in the snow. He was in heaven! He would have stayed out there all day if we had let him.





As they get older, the girls are increasingly playing in their own world, even these photographs were seen as intrusive. I don't mind, really, pretend play is hard work!

 Cousins! Ok I just have to stop here briefly. These are three siblings who love each other dearly who all moved to Indiana just so they could be close to each other. How cool is that? It's the best to have family close! One night we got our broods together for dinner and it was so so fun!

Ben throwing a snowball at Frank who's watching from inside

We've been having some major static going on around here, especially this girl.

Frank started climbing out of his crib, so we had to take the sides off. Sometimes at night we find the boys in the weirdest configurations. A lot of times we'll find both of them crammed up next to the door, sleeping on the floor. Ephraim sleeps next to Frank so he won't be "scared." 

 This kid thinks it's hilarious when he has sunglasses on!

This was from the very beginning of January. We had finally gotten snow! Our kids were able to play in it on the first day, and then it immediately turned to -1 degrees, so it sat frozen untouched for a long time. They were aching to play with it but it was just too cold. 

Oh... Frank!!

Yes, that is correct. He opened the oven to get to the drawer, climbed the drawer to get to the countertop, then found the spices!

When Mom takes away the drawer, just play inside the oven instead 

It was at this point I started having major anxiety about my child's safety in the kitchen and my inability to keep him out of everything, so I overnighted a baby gate to my house and we installed it the next day. Frank was not too happy about losing free reign of the kitchen, but I have (part) of my sanity back!!

I found this book at the library that my sisters and I used to read as kids. I knew the details of every single picture. Some books just stick with you! 

Some people get tired when lunch is right before naptime! 

Delaney had me make a list one time of things she could do with her time. 1. Play 2. Clean 3. Dance 4. Cooking 5. Pretend princesses 6. Draw and I'm not sure what 7 and 8 are.

This was hanging up on the wall at school after Cheyenne's career day. "I would like to be a nurse because I want to help people." Aww, so sweet. Emily and Ammon, maybe she will join your club?

She also has excellent handwriting (when she's not in a hurry! Don't look at her homework...)

Ben's started a new assignment at church, he's a high councilor over another congregation about an hour away so that means I fly solo on Sundays. He tries to bribe the kids to be good with a treat while he's gone. This time-- ring pops.

Me getting annoyed, "Stop playing with my phone" I need to come up with some good consequences for this.

Had to send this to my brother Derek! This is from The Friend magazine

In the height of Frank raiding the kitchen he destroyed a whole container of butter, but one of the sticks was still missing for a while... I found it under Frank's bed. Grateful we don't have carpet in this room!

On one of the (many!) days off of school the girls decided to make cotton ball people? Interesting.

A typical view of Frank from the bathroom. We've had to figure out a way to keep him out since this door doesn't properly lock.

Shiner one day-- his brother taught him how to jump off the top of his bed!

This was so sweet. My girls both love my Powersheets (because, stickers!) and I guess some of it really sunk in with Cheyenne. I found this in her room at the beginning of January. "My goals:  1. To be better and be nicer 2. To work on basketball 3. To clean better 4. Do something nice for Mom and Dad 5. To follow God's example 6. To organize stuff. 7. To spend my allowance wisely" Wow! I have to say I haven't seen it since, but I thought it was pretty adorable.

We tried out basketball at the Y

I had to stop here to get some gas and I had to let Ben know I was at his favorite place... it's about 1 minute from our house and somebody I know has a soda addiction...


  1. Love the butter under the bed!

  2. Super cute kids!! Great, candid shots.
    Love, Dad

  3. I love Frank! So cute, so much personality! Hope winter will soon be over! Mom