Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How to be Happy

I was looking at a grocery ad the other day that had Valentine flowers, chocolates, and special dinners.

I thought to myself, "I would love to have somebody buy me expensive flowers, chocolates, and make me an expensive dinner!" But then I remembered, that that somebody drew their funds out of our joint bank account, and I know that, despite what I think I want, I would rather him spend that hard earned money on something that would last a little longer.

I saw that ad and immediately thought of myself. But then I thought about a lesson I've been learning lately. You are actually happy when you give to others, when you give rather than you receive. Getting what you want is called satisfaction-- happiness comes from giving to others.

It made me think-- how could I take this ad and make happiness? What would that look like? I could make my husband his favorite dinner. I could give flowers to someone I'm sure is not getting them on Valentine's day.

When you truly understand how happiness can be satisfied, it's not a sacrifice to give up what you want-- because you recognize that getting what you want will not leave you happy. What really makes you happy is making other people happy.

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