Friday, February 2, 2018

February Goals + January Check in

January. What can I say about January?
Well I'm glad it's over. I learned some things. I FAILED a lot, but that's how learning works!
I'm not going to go over most of my goals like I traditionally do, but I will just hit on two of them.

-First, I exercise most days! Yay!
-I had a goal to "be happy" this month. It ended up feeling like a command and every time I "messed up" I felt like I was a big failure. So not motivating! I modified it in a few ways for next month.

February Monthly Goals
-Put God First. I am excited about this goal! I want His thoughts and words to be the first things I think about and interact with in the morning, and I want to discover through prayer each morning where and how He needs me to serve Him that day.
-Be "on" the entire day! This is a modification of my "be happy" goal from last month. When I realized the command to "be happy" was too daunting, I thought it would be a good goal to try and have one full day where I just was "on" all day-- making good choices, having good conversations with others, not getting frustrated, etc. and see how many times I could do that in a month!
-Make romance more fun. I am a jokester by nature, but sometimes when it comes to serious things I can be too serious. I've been remembering lately the dating days when I would do nice things for Ben just because, leave him notes to find even when it wasn't a special occasion, and I've realized that as we've gotten older I don't do that stuff, or I hang too many reciprocal expectations on them when I do do it. But I love Ben! And I want to do nice things for him just because I love him, and it's fun to do that kind of stuff for people you love, and adds more fun and spice to your life.
-Work on finding a sugar balance A few of my sisters have been really successful at losing weight lately, and they've been pushing me to find better eating habits. I've been trying to cut down on the sugar in my life but when I do, it's like it's all I can think about! If you have any advice for me, let me know. I'm on the lookout for what I can change that will work for me long term. I'm a moderation person and I'm trying to be more moderate than I am currently, but my brain is not having it.
-See my kids as individuals and pray for them. We've had a few incidents lately that have helped me realize the old "you need to parent each kid differently." So I want to focus on my kids as individuals this month, and pray for their specific needs and what I need to change so I can meet them.
-Put in the work with prayer I really believe in the power of prayer and I want to get better at putting in the mental work beforehand-- figuring out what needs to be prayed for and in what way, and preparing my heart and mind to be conversing in humility with my Heavenly Father.
-See reaching out with positivity. Sometimes reaching out to others seems like this big, scary thing that is hard and therefore I don't want to do it, or it feels like a "to do" list item. This month I want to focus on how fun it is, how much happiness and goodness it adds to your life to be around others and giving.

Weekly goals
-Prepare for the Sacrament.
      I'm excited to make it a priority this month! I really want to approach the Sabbath for what it is-- a sacred day.
-Reach out to others
-Do out-of-the ordinary fun for Ben
-Blog from the heart
       I'm excited about this! I received some direction about my blog while I was studying my scriptures and hope to implement it. It will be a subtle change I think, but a good one.
-Read a parenting book-- learn something!
-Make a new healthy recipe

Daily goals
-"Date" with Ephraim- I used to be pretty good about spending one-on-one time with Ephraim when Frank goes down for his nap, but lately I've been lazy and Ephraim hasn't protested. But it's the kind of mom I want to be, so I want to get back into it. 
-Choose happy in a situation- this is also a variation on the "Be Happy." When I realized that was too overwhelming, I thought a good goal would be to simply choose to have a better attitude at least once during the day when I normally wouldn't have.
-Write down conference talk thoughts- I have loved listening to conference talks on my exercise bike in the mornings, and now I am challenging myself to write those thoughts down once I get off so I don't lose them!
-Make prayer real
-Love my kids at bedtime
-Timed scripture study

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