Thursday, January 4, 2018

December Days

I waited way longer than I usually do to put up the tree since Frank is at such a hard age. We did it one Saturday morning in December. 

 Getting into trouble

I found these pictures on Ben's phone from our Thanksgiving trip to my sister Heather's house. Frank got right to work once we got there. 

Ben went to Cape Canaveral and got to see some rockets with a few of my brothers-in-law and my cousin Kevin.

Ben took this shot of the home teacher?!

Back to December...
We went to look at some lights one Sunday night and the kids were totally enamored with it! I must say they were pretty magical with the lights reflecting into the water!

I was super sick at the beginning of the month, laying in bed with a fever. Frank was NOT happy about it. One time he arched his back and hit me in the face really hard with his head and gave me a little bit of a black eye

Frank taking a little walk out to Dad's shop. The weather in December was actually pretty nice, until the last week or two.

Ben's been working a little bit on the tractor he's making the boys

Riding the vacuum 

 Delaney getting a carrot for a snowman. Looks like this one did not make it to the snowman...

Sometimes you've got to eat dinner in your fairy costume!

The kids and I made these really cute sleighs to give out to people at Christmastime, they were a big hit.

At Ephraim's preschool program he was an adorable "snowman"

Oh my handsome! Waiting in line to see Santa

He was so shy I don't think he said one word to the man!

One Saturday in December Santa rides around on a fire truck and visits all the streets of Kokomo and passes out candy to any kids who are outside waiting. Our kids love it!

We made gingerbread houses at storytime

Frank, up to no good

Delaney had a field trip at the park where they were supposed to "catch" a gingerbread. Ever since then she was sure this little ornament was alive and moving up and down the Christmas tree. The kids are so sad I don't do Elf on the Shelf (but I am not ;)).

Fixing hair in the morning

Who's your daddy? or Hoosier Daddy?

We had our annual Christmas sleepover at Ben's brother Sam's house. I love that we live close to Ben's family and we get to do stuff like this, it means so much to us! 

After she had destroyed her hair on the three hour drive...

We drove home in a blizzard, but thankfully, we made it just fine!

Ben usually has at least a good week off at Christmas (which I absolutely love!) and he always tries to build something during that time. Last year he built the girls "piggy banks" as he calls them-- these money boxes. It has a slit at the top, but no other opening... Ben calls it an automatic savings account ha ha!! This year he built Frank and Ephraim ones as well. Then he sanded down the girls boxes from last year and helped them repaint them different colors and cut out shapes. The kids love doing stuff like this with their dad!

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