Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Lessons from Christmas #1: Rewriting Your Christmas To-Do List

What if you changed your Christmas to-do list list?

Send off 50 Christmas cards-- Write 20 thank you cards to people I care about at Christmastime

Attend a Christmas program-- Show gratitude that my son can sing, and show gratitude to the teachers who work so hard to teach him

Attend a boring church Christmas party-- Thank the people who serve your church community, feel the love and brotherhood that come from being part of a church family

Make 1 million Christmas treats for people I am obligated to remember-- Thoughtfully consider a few people who could use a small gift to know that they are appreciated

Scream at kids while they mess up the sugar cookies-- Be grateful for traditions that bind your family across the years (I need to work on this one. Oy!)

Buy 1 million gifts to make Christmas "magical"-- Thoughtfully consider a few gifts for your family to help them feel your love at Christmastime (don't compare!).

Christmas is special because it's a time to remember all we've been given, all the people in our lives that mean so much to us. It can be easy to see it as simply a list of stress-inducing items that need to be "done" so we can go back to "normal." This year I'm beginning to see how to savor the season, to feel the "spirit of Christmas," the love of Christ that fills your heart for others, in the things that I am already obligated to do or planning on participating in. It's been worth it to try and change.

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