Monday, November 6, 2017

October Days

Spiderman, Spider Girl, Batgirl, and Robin

My goofball at the pumpkin patch 

It was so fun visiting with my parents while they were here for two days on a whirlwind trip to visit several of their "Eastern" kids before they head out on another mission. My parents will be serving in the St. George, Utah Temple Visitor's Center starting the end of January 2018.

Watching a Halloween movie with my parents

Dad showing them some pictures before they head off to school

I took them to the Kokomo Oplascent Glass Factory to see some art glass being made (it's the oldest art glass factory in the US-- still using the same techniques, it's a very cool tour!). They made the glass for the Indianapolis Temple. So many cool things you can make with glass!

Come back again, Mom & Dad! 

Ben turned 35 this month. So grateful to have this wonderful man in my life!

Trying on his Robin mask

His latest trick since I've removed all objects he could climb is to tip over the trash can and climb on that. His prize this time-- the silverware.

This kid will do anything to get into those upper cabinets. This picture is from when he scaled the drawer pulls IN THE NIGHT in order to find something interesting in those upper cabinets!

This picture looks way too much like Cheyenne at this age. 

Ben wonders why I never crack open the piano anymore. I've hidden the bench in a different room!

Ben was pretty proud of his creation with all the blocks in Nursery. Only a few more weeks until Frank can go by himself. But you guessed it... he can already open the doors, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he makes his escape.

Me being weird

Sometimes when the milk expires on your husbands' birthday, you have to send him a text just to let him know you were thinking about him!

Hanging out with my boys after the girls left for school. Somebody's got my phone...

Good things I want to grow from my PowerSheets... excited about this!

Ephraim tried to help us take this picture... hmmm it didn't quite work...

Cool hairdo I did on Cheyenne one morning 

Who was taking pictures during the prayer?!

I love this guy

From our Fall Break trip

At the library during Fall Break

Lunch with Dad at Steak and Shake during Fall Break

Isn't this swing the coolest idea?! Frank loved it

At the park with friends

The girls rode horses at a friends' Halloween party

Frank up to no good!

Catwoman for Halloween! The kids loved the claws!

Playing with a ball

His new favorite toy... the light switch

My bug from the bug parade at preschool

Reflecting always makes me so happy and grateful for my life! I certainly don't have a perfect life and I can't always see the good in something when I'm in the thick of it, but looking back like this helps me remember there's so much to be grateful for.

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