Monday, October 2, 2017

September Days

Me and my hooligans after the Primary Program

The kids loved having their grandparents come to the program! Cheyenne even sang a short solo and it was so tender and sweet.

If you were wondering about the skeleton in our photos, this is Sally (a Halloween decoration) that the kids decided needed to be played with and taken care of. They were dressing her up and carting her around, rolling her on this chair, it was hilarious!

We experienced our first time splitting up for family activities. Ben took Delaney to a Family Fitness Night at the school, and I took Cheyenne and the other kids to her soccer practice.

Love this babe!

Apple Orchard!

Ephraim's sitting in between two of our favorites-- Mrs. Bonny the preschool director (who knows us pretty well now that we've had three kids in preschool for the last three years!) and our friend Kim who is so sweet and loves our kids, especially Frank.

Our favorite part is always the apple slushies at the end!!

We went to KohKohMah again this year (a reenactment of some of the first settlers of the area).

Dressing up in period clothes and camping out in the woods is totally normal here! Makes it pretty fun for the rest of us to come visit.

The soybeans behind our house have turned and it's such a pretty contrast against the green. Love this view out our bedroom window!

We haven't seen too much of fall yet except for this tree behind our house. The kids love to scoop them up in piles after school.

These are from before school started, we went to a couple outdoor storytimes at the "outdoor classroom" at our local library. 

Delaney, sporting the high heels!

They made "stick people"!

I went to one with the boys with where they got to play with earthworms. This boy was in heaven!

From Delaney's teacher's school Instagram. I treasure these peeks into Delaney's day!

One week I had a terrible cold for more than a week and the kids brought me breakfast in bed on Saturday. So sweet!

   Frank is a busy, busy kid, very similar to Cheyenne. Because I was sick he was getting into all kinds of trouble! At least, more so than usual ;). It reminded me of the days when I was pregnant and I had those busy little girls, or when Ephraim was a baby and there were so many messes all the time! Glad my house doesn't look like this all the time anymore!

Cute kids in the bath

Sunset one night. Just, wow!!

Sunrise one morning. It looked so cool because the golden field was lit up by the sun, and everything else closer to us was still in darkness.

 Sent these to my dad one morning. This is the old "mission shirt" from when my dad was the mission president of the Kentucky Louisville Mission. Delaney had JUST woken up when I took this picture so she looks a little spaced out!

 I keep my phone in the trailer for safe keeping during bike rides... turns out somebody I know has been using it!

 They do wear shoes Mom, I swear! But aren't those toes cute?!

After a bike ride, Ephraim caught us going to talk to our neighbor Louie.

Pretty trees on a walk in the park

Ephraim's so proud of the rocket he made!

These two are turning into friends! It is so fun

We've been doing lots of this lately. I've decided it's so much easier to play with little boys instead of little girls. It's so straight forward! Build this, put this together, drive this car here, rather than "okay you be the mom" and then it ends in tears because you didn't do your "part" right! Ha!

When Ephraim's at preschool two mornings a week I hang out with my buddy.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Making pots for hats and getting stuck in laundry hampers. All in a day's work folks!

His other trick. I thought it was so cute when he figured out how to climb up on the piano bench! Until he started climbing up the whole piano!

Some people's kids are so weird!

The tree truck came to pick up some limbs. Somebody was really happy about it!

Ben says, "Take a picture of me, This is fatherhood." 

My kids love "tiny pancakes"

Getting ready for church

The kids' school is really into "growth mindset" which I am happy about (I first learned about growth mindset in graduate school. It's the idea that failure doesn't mean you can't do something, just that you can't do something yet). 

A friend and I went on a walk and we saw tons of butterflies on this bush as we were leaving! It was so pretty.

 We went to a friend's house to go swimming in their new pool they built! 

It happened to be eclipse day!

Found this cute photo of Delaney at Chuck E Cheese from when she went for her birthday with her dad.

The kids are also encouraged to be "bucket fillers" at their school, to fill up others' buckets with things that will make them happy and feel included.

Super cute soccer pictures. Isn't it a great picture of Cheyenne?

A particularly cold soccer game

Getting ready for General Conference

Sometimes I really wonder where Cheyenne came from. Her goodness and kindness is so foreign to me, I know it's not something I've done. We are grateful for her.


  1. Great Pics! Thanks for posting them.

  2. So excited to see these cute kids in person in just over a week! Mom

  3. Where's the video of Cheyenne's solo? Also, Darius sometimes gets mad when we play superheroes because it died when I wasn't supposed to, etc.

    1. I need to take a video, we never took one. I didn't think about superheroes! I guess it's any game involving people where you can 'do it wrong' ha!