Monday, September 4, 2017

Fort Harrison State Park Inn


 Ft. Harrison is located on a golf course and is quite fancy! There were fancy mirrors everywhere-- we felt like we were in the Beauty and the Beast castle.

 We've had a great time at all of the state parks we've visited so far, but this one was probably on the bottom of our list. The inn was nice (too nice!), but probably lent itself more to a couple's getaway than a family vacation. And the park was in the middle of Indianapolis so there were tons of people exercising there while we were trying to get in a family vacation. It would be a nice park to visit often if you lived closer! We could also have a bad taste in our mouths just because our kids were so so terrible on this trip! But when I woke up in the morning in that hotel room I felt refreshed, not because this was a perfect vacation, but because it was different-- it got us out of our routine. And I believe that's what's important about vacations anyway.

Two left to visit!

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