Monday, July 17, 2017

June/July little things

Cheyenne put a balloon in her swimming suit and was pretending to be pregnant. She thought it was hilarious!

 When Dad is in charge the house is a mess, but the kids have fun!

I love baby fingers!!

 "Look Mom, an elephant cloud."

Cute little hat Ephraim made in Sunbeams at church

Poor little guy had tonsillitis in June

This guy is an engineer at heart just like his dad

This guy is TOTAL TROUBLE. Messes wherever he goes! We've now bought locking trash cans, recycling bin, locks on all the cabinets... it has begun.

One night Ben was going to be home late from something and so Cheyenne wrote him this note and taped it to her window (their room is at the front of the house). She also taped a family picture so he knew "what she looked like." Kids are so funny!!

"Dad my Dad I want you to come to my room please if I am asleep wake me up. -Cheyenne"

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