Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Joel Flake Family Reunion

Some of my sisters: Haley (Sibling #6), Me (#8), Bethany (#5), Heather (#4), Sarah (#2), and Whitney (#7) Missing our sister Cassidy who was sick!!

My immediate family (my parents, my 10 siblings and their spouses, and all the grandkids) got together for an awesome family reunion while we were out West. We rented out a lodge near my brother's house in Montana which was so fun.

I didn't take a single picture! Frank is right at that age where you can't let him out of sight, so I rarely had a chance to take pictures, so I'm so grateful for my sisters who's pictures I am stealing so I can remember our wonderful reunion!

The lodge was situated right on Flathead Lake, and it was a beautiful location

Ephraim was the first casualty of the reunion. Not long after we got there, he fell and slammed his chin on a rock and ended up getting six stitches. Poor little guy. We was so brave and never cried.

We started off with a fun program where they numbered off the grandchildren. My parents now have 38 grandchildren! Wow.

My cute dad

My older siblings did a funny reenactment of a talent show song my mom wrote from them as children.

That night after the kids went to bed, we played a fun family trivia game my sister and her husband had put hours and hours into.

It included a super fun "Feats of Strength" category. This was "See who can plank the longest."

I went on a fun walk in the morning with some of my sisters while other groups of people were doing different things.

Then I had a ton of fun that afternoon canoeing out to Wild Goose Island with my sister Kelsey while Ben was on 'Frank duty.' Don't you love these pics my sister Sarah took?

The water was take-your-breath-away cold (it's glacier water, definitely the coldest I've ever swam in!), but people still braved it to try out this fun water trampoline.

Cute little Leslie (my sister Haley's girl).

Just like the last time we got together, it was, of course, somebody's birthday. Jude, Justin & Kelsey's boy turned 11 while we were there!

All the aunts lined up to give him a birthday kiss. With 10 aunts, you have to take advantage of something like that!

We did some epic karaoke

We were pretty excited to do Backstreet Boys

We had some fun discussion groups that night trying to figure out how to strengthen our marriages, tame the technology beast, and how to be a good host to guests. And of course, we also had to figure out what was the largest animal you could take on in hand-to-hand combat, and which Hostess treat best represents your personality (Hostess treats have a special place in our growing up years!).

If you were wondering what Hostess treat best represents Dad, it was a cherry pie because, "Aren't those things SO good?!" He says. Ha!

So much fun with all these wonderful people!!
My two youngest brothers, Derek and Dillon

The boys in this age group are affectionately called "The Lost Boys" (as in the Lost Boys from Peter Pan). And they are usually lost, out in the woods somewhere. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever every reunion to have them be reunited.

My sister Sarah (and my niece Natalie photobombing 😊)

Derek and his two boys

Cute Ammon!

Cassidy is pregnant with grandbaby #39!! Due at the end of the year. She was so sick. Oh do I remember that. First pregnancies are so hard because you feel like you have the flu, but then it never goes away... for 9 months...

They had this really fun circle of swings at the lodge

My sisters Haley and Sarah

Not sure what the premise of this picture was, but pretty funny of my parents and Ben.

There were adorable babies everywhere you looked!
Heather's Noel

Justin's "Baby Abey" (Abel)



We came from all over the country in order to be together, but I think my sister Heather takes the cake by driving over 40 hours (!!) alone with six kids from Florida to Montana in order to get there (her husband met her there). Wow!!

Many of us carpooled and spent time with family before or after the reunion (which you will hear about next!). I thought this was a cute picture of my sister Whitney visiting Haley before the reunion.

After the reunion, it was so fun for our family to spend more time with my sister Whitney's family since they live in Texas. We carpooled at one point and got to know our cute cousin Darius a little better.

So fun to be together with family!!


  1. absolutely wonderful ... well planned and carried out .. and the space looked big enough for all those flakes ...

  2. Dear Ashley, I loved the blog but we only have 38 grandchildren with Cassidy's baby being number 39. Now you are going to have to make up the difference! Mom

    1. Ok sorry Mom!!! Hah! I thought I had it right and I thought about calling you to check. Dumb, I should have. I fixed it!

  3. What an awesome post! Looks like you had a blast. I ❤️ the Joel Flakes!

  4. I loved reading this and seeing all the photos! Looks like it was a great time.

  5. What a beautiful family!! And a beautiful place for a family reunion. Looks like you had a GREAT time! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I enjoyed your reunion blog very much! Thank you for putting it together. There were some amazing picture taken by Sarah, I guess? You have an amazing family. Love you all! -Aunt Lucy

    1. Yes Sarah took most of them! She is a great photographer and sister! Love you Aunt Lucy!