Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When Children Serve

"I want breakfast, Mommy. Mommy, what's for breakfast?" I can hear Delaney whining this morning. I shhh her as I come out of the bedroom, closing the bedroom door behind me.

"It's Father's Day, Delaney!" I whisper. "We're going to make Daddy breakfast and bring it to him in bed!"

Immediately, her face changes. The whining and the self-centeredness give way to smiles and sparkling eyes. "Oh!" she says. "It's Father's Day!" Ephraim rolls out of bed and starts grumbling about breakfast too. All it takes is an excited declaration from his sister about the special day to completely change his tune too.

We get to work scrambling eggs, making bacon and Delaney cuts up fruit. By the time we are done Cheyenne is awake, and she gets in on the fun. "I'll make him a card! Can we use my tea set tray, Mom?"

We deliver the goods to a man who deserves to be pampered. I love him and I'm so grateful to have him as my partner, to watch him quietly teach our kids how to be kind and good like he is.

And I still love him even though he left all the fruit on his plate and told me that he doesn't eat fruit for breakfast. ;) 

In all seriousness though, the thing that so struck me from the memory of this day was the selflessness of children. The kids naturally shifted from their own needs to someone else's immediately when they were given the opportunity to serve. It's as if they weren't even hungry anymore when they found out they were needed! Oh how I needed this reminder: service makes children (no matter the age) happier than focusing on yourself.  

The kids trying on our shoes

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