Monday, May 8, 2017

April little things

Easter Sunday 2017

Trying to get a family picture is always quite the feat!!

Spring out my kitchen window 

We had the day off on Good Friday so we went to the zoo!

This spring has been incredibly beautiful and everything was in full bloom at the zoo! It was so lovely

Fun teaching Primary

My cousin Darl has been uploading thousands of old pictures onto Dropbox. They are so priceless!! I might have to do a whole post with just old pictures because I love them so much. This is my Grandpa Flake with his, at the time, four kids (my dad is the baby!). Pretty fun to think about my grandparents in the stage our family is right now (I never knew my dad's parents). This picture taken in 1946, my dad was a year old.

I discovered Burlington Coat Factory is a great place to buy really cute, modest, inexpensive dresses for girls. I bought these online, about $17/each.

My sister Melanie makes some of my favorite bread, so whenever I make bread I think of her. When I was growing up, she would often make it for me when I would come over to babysit or come home from college. So I had to send her text when I made this! I made this bread and soup for our neighbors who are snowbirds, they came back home and it was their welcome home gift! They are always so kind and thoughtful to us and love our kids!

Funny signs on the girls' door.
"No Boys, Yes Girls"

"Yes Boys and Girls and Dad and Mom"

Reading with Cheyenne

This pie crust is unbelievable. So good. I have the tendency to undercook things (I'm always worried I'll burn it, and I'm totally impatient), and so even though I've been making this pie crust for a long time, I've finally let it cook long enough and the result was SO much flakier. This was a delicious chicken pot pie!

Fell asleep reading books on the couch

Relaxing on my bed and watching this beautiful pink sunset

I know I said this spring has been beautiful, it's actually been breath-taking. Now that the weather's nice I've been taking the boys on a walk each morning Delaney has preschool. The park by our house was in FULL bloom, it would stop my heart taking in all the beauty!!

Frank's first banana chocolate chip muffin! I usually like to hold off on the sugar until my babies reach one year old... seems like it's a lot harder to do when they've got older siblings who are always leaving them "presents"!

Love notes Cheyenne got at school from boys in her class... still not sure what to do about this...

Cheyenne's very first "story"!! As a writer, one of my fondest memories was writing and creating stories as a kid. It's so so fun for me to see Cheyenne begin doing this.
It reads: "The moon was shining that night and the stars were shining and my sister wouldn't go to sleep." She always laughs after she reads it. I think it is absolutely adorable!!

I went and got my hair did. Ben took a 'before' picture of me (but then we never took an after. Ha!). I got it highlighted, you can see it in our Easter pictures at the top or my graduation photos down below

Made our Flake family's traditional bunny cake for Easter! 

Beautiful Easer lilies!

Another park picture in full bloom

My buddy

On the trail in the park

Beautiful sky on the way to the temple one night

There it is!!

Cheyenne's book at the Young Author's night (all the students made books).

Outtakes from this post

Goodnight, Indiana! Flying to Utah for my graduation.

Hello, Provo. This view never gets old!!

Cute Lego model of the SLC Temple in the BYU Bookstore

Our old duplex!! We sold it last year. The porch roof Ben built is still holding up ;).

Ben and I tried to take a hike up the canyon but it turned out to be too snowy!

Those mountains aren't too shabby

We ended up at the mouth of the canyon and went on a walk without any snow ;)

Gorgeous night

I graduated! 

Me and Dillon's little girl, Ruby Ruby Ru! She's just a few months older than Frank. So cute!

Me & my brother Dillon! I also saw Cassidy but we didn't take a picture.

 What my masters hood really looks like...obviously.

Visiting my sister Bethany the night before we left

Bethany is really into this face-changer app.

 Goodbye Utah!


  1. "I went and got mt hair did"????? I thought you were a writer. Am I reading this wrong? Really cute pictures though. Mom

    1. Hahahaha! I was trying to be funny but apparently it was lost on you Mom!

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Such a beautiful family. Such a beautiful life!!! My favorite photo was Ephraim with his arm on Ben's head!! We love you, Ashley.