Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cassidy's Wedding

My little sister Cassidy got married in Utah this past weekend!

For those of you who don't know my sister, she is hearing impaired (deaf) and has 80% hearing loss in both her ears, it's just part of the package in which she came to this earth.

Since I live out of state, I only got to meet Spencer briefly over the weekend. I could tell he had a big heart and that he loved my sister.

I imagine a lot of their relationship involves silence with one of the partners being deaf. As my sister and I captured pictures of them, their love could be felt and not heard. It was a sacred experience for me.

Sometimes, I think, those of us 'in the world of the hearing' let our words get in the way of or temper our love. Watching Spencer and Cassidy on their wedding day, I felt I saw love in its purest form.

It was a beautiful (but very very cold!) day to be together with family and friends.

We had a fun little get-together the night before just to welcome our new brother into our loud and crazy family.
 My sister brought her adorable 6-week-old baby. We flew in from everywhere: Indiana, West Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Montana, Idaho, and Utah.

 Cassidy happened to get married on my sister's birthday. With a family this big, it's always somebody's birthday any time we get together!
 My brother Justin

 My parents and siblings + the few spouses who could make it

 My four brothers

 My now ten sisters in age order (the original six plus my four sisters-in-law)

 Big families are SO fun!! Seriously, you guys are missing out!!

In addition to helping with the pictures, I got to do Cassidy's hair which made me glad I had practiced crown braids so many times on my girls before! I must say she stayed the stillest of anyone I've worked on ;).

Even the oldest girl cousins got 'the dress' (ALL the girls in the family bought this matching dress from Amazon!).

 My six sisters!

Two people I love... my cousin Alan and my Aunt Lova

Two more people I love, my wonderful Uncle David and Aunt Claudia!

Love my mom and her sisters

My Dad and some of his siblings (he comes from a family of 10 kids).

One fun thing about my parents is that they grew up in the same ward, so my dad's family and my mom's family know each other. In fact, my Aunt Lova and my Aunt Stacey used to be best friends in high school! So fun!

This baby, my brother Justin's Abel, is adorable. I was in heaven with all the babies since I was missing mine about then!

 Spencer wears a sign language "I love you" pin on his coat. So cute.


  1. I love your comments about their "quiet" love.
    And those dresses are SO beautiful!

  2. This whole post makes me so happy- the beautiful pictures you took, your big and very happy family, your gorgeous sister and the joy she has on her big day, your description of their quiet love, and seeing your cute face- muss you Ash!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Courtney! Miss you too!! Hope you are staying safe in Boise with all that SNOW geez!!!