Sunday, January 22, 2017

2016 Snapshot

It's my tradition to post a list of the 'big things' that happened in the year, to make record keeping easier for myself. "Big things" can be so deceiving because they show simply one moment in time, and don't take into account...

all of the daily, minute-to-minute decisions we make in between. I've wondered before if a simple list of milestones is counterproductive in some ways, "not real life" and making life look charmed in some way.

Milestones are good to celebrate

 However, those milestones are often the result of a tiny dozen daily decisions. You don't celebrate each of the 273 days that you were pregnant, growing a life. And you don't talk about the things you didn't buy so you could go on a few trips. But even if much of life is slipped in the cracks between the milestones, I still think big things are worth celebrating and remembering, adding them to the bouquet of "June roses" in the "Decembers of our lives." While a milestone may not tell you the joy, sweat, or tears that lead up to such an event, they leave us with happy memories, and show us God's goodness in our lives.

2016 Big Things

  • In May Baby Frank was born. He has brought nothing but light, happiness, smiles, and joy to our lives! Baby #4 has not made our lives harder-- but better and more whole.
  • Over the year we visited three Indiana State Parks-- Turkey Run, Pokagon, and Spring Mill.
  • In late June we went on a whirlwind road trip to Idaho and Utah.
  • Early August Cheyenne started kindergarten. I'm surprised how much it's changed our lives, even just having one kid in school (it's all day kindergarten). Our life feels busier, but Cheyenne loves it, and we cherish every minute we have her home.
  • In September we survived a F3 tornado!
  • We spent Thanksgiving at Sarah and Matt's in West Virginia.
  • Ben built the kids a little table, complete with six chairs, and a work bench for his wood shop.
  • We got to see the Dilsavers in Ohio over Christmas.
  • Ben and I each lost 15 lbs. in the last six months (Ben for health reasons, mine is baby weight from Frank).

Change is a daily thing

At the end of the year, I was struck by how much growth can occur in one year. With kids, it's big things like learning how to read or write their name. With babies, it's developing motor skills that were non-existent six months ago. Sometimes I get down, in January especially, with how monotonous everything feels. Everything is the same, day in and day out. But it really isn't. Our kids are changing, we are changing, and it's a beauty to behold and be a part of. How blessed we are.

Turn to the Savior

This year also contained deep pain and sadness. But I've grown kinder because of it. I've become less judgmental because of it. I've grown closer to my Savior as I've relied on Him in my hardest moments. I don't think I ever could have imagined it, but in many ways, it's also been the best year because as I reached out to my Savior when I wanted to be mean and selfish, He changed me. Our Savior is real, and so is His healing power.

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