Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Getting to know little Frankie

When I was a kid, I used to draw families all lined up in a row. I loved to think about each sibling's unique personality, and the fact that although they had much in common, they all were unique in their own special way.

It's been really fun, as my kids get older, to see this childhood dream of mine come to life. We have four unique personalities in our family, and one is brand new, and we are just scratching the surface as to what he's all about. With this, my fourth baby, I have recognized that you can see a lot of a person's personality even when they are an infant, it just manifests itself in things that are important to a baby, or is dependent on where they are in their stage of development. Cheyenne, for instance, has always wanted to know everything about everything, but before she could talk she would simply rip things apart. :) Ephraim always been laid back. As a baby, he was so content sleeping or sitting somewhere you could almost forget he was there. So let's start to get to know little Frankie!

Frank is not afraid to let you know what he wants. There's no waking him up for feedings, he will let you know what he wants, when he wants it.

Speaking of that, he loves to eat...a lot! As evidenced by his deliciously round cheeks and his already apparent "arm bracelets" as Ben likes to call them.

He also loves to be held when he's awake, which is a little bit hard since he's #4. 

He's got a round head, blue eyes, fair features. He reminds me more of Cheyenne than my other babies (she was my other fat baby!). 

Another feature that is like Cheyenne as a baby, he is very physically strong already. He already loves to put weight on his legs ("stand up") or hold his head up. And he actually likes tummy time.

He's slept a six hour stretch at night (9pm-3am) twice now! But we've had our share of rough nights and days. I finally figured out that maybe he was still hungry when he was fussy during the day, even though he just ate like a million ounces (we breastfeed and formula feed).

It'll be interesting to see how Frank and Ephraim interact when they are old enough to. Since Frank reminds me more of Cheyenne, I imagine he'll have a more commanding personality. But Ephraim is easily my most laid-back kid. So will Ephraim bring out an easy-going side of Frank? Or will Frank convince Ephraim to be a little more mischievous? Or maybe Frank will be a completely different "brand" I'm not even familiar with! Only time will tell! Families are so fun.

Welcome Frank!! We're so glad you're a part of our family!

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  1. He is SO cute, Ashley!! I especially love that last picture.