Sunday, July 24, 2016

Frank's blessing day

It's been three weeks now since Frank was blessed on July 3, 2016. We were so blessed to have Ben's family, his parents and his sister's family come join us in celebrating the blessing. Blessings are such a special day I feel. If nothing else, it's hard to resist a baby dressed in white. They look so angelic. I really love my babies and something about their blessing day makes me love them even more. Here's a link to Cheyenne's, Delaney's, and Ephraim's.

P.S.-- The reason it took me so long to post these photos-- I just barely took these ones of Frank! Ain't momma got time for photo shoots lately. One of my favorite mom-tricks, no need to take portraits on the day of the actual event (way too stressful/not enough time). So he might fill out his blessing outfit a little more, but, hey, still cute!

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