Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Cuties

This photo is from the first time it snowed here, at the end of November. It was basically the ONLY time it's snowed this whole winter, it's 50 degrees outside right now. Thanks to El Nino we've had a pretty mild winter (I'm not complaining!). I love the way the shadow of this tree falls softly over the snow.

that one other time it snowed. The wind really blows here in the flat Midwest.

Wearing dresses and heels is their favorite activity, any day, any time.

This is "The Troll King" from Frozen

Typical Sunday night. No pants, riding his "tractor."

This kid can ride a bike like nobody's business. We actually think the obstacles of the poles she has to maneuver around in the basement has made her a better bike rider.

Ben built Ephraim this hitch out in his wood shop. Because of course, every little boy needs a four-wheeler that can also haul stuff.

His nursery leader at church sent us this. This boy LOVES cars.

We spend our Sunday nights as a family in the basement, the "toy room."

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