Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Dilsaver Times

For Cheyenne's birthday she requested a birthday party. It was a very low key lunch party with cake, a pinata, and pin the nose on the clown. She was about as happy as a little girl could be!

Ephraim saying "Happy Birthday"
He loves playing with tractors and cars
My friend posted a picture on Facebook of my MPA team from last year. They are finishing up their last year this April, and while I'm a little jealous and miss those guys, I'm glad with the way it has worked out.

Here is another photo from last year, with my friend Brittney at an MPA service project.

 Making some sugar cookies with my little helper Delaney turned out to be quite a messy ordeal!
 The reason I haven't been taking many pictures with my camera at this new house... our house is pretty dark with very little natural light, and everything turns out blurry.
 It makes me sad though to not be able to capture as much of this stage of my kids' lives... phone pictures are not the same.

Delaney, what do you want for Christmas?
 Christmas morning. It's such an exciting, happy, and easy-going morning.

Ben got his sander back and has been working on a special project.
A little table and chairs for the kids. It's still not done yet, but it's been a fun project for him.

One night Ben took the girls to a play and we were texting back and forth what our "dates" looked like:

Here was my cute little date for the evening

 Shopping at Lowe's with Daddy

This girl officially lost her first tooth! Yes, she's only 5!

We got together with my brother Justin's family, Sarah's family, and Heather's family for New Years here in Indiana. We all stayed in a hotel (our small three-bedroom never would have fit Justin & Kelsey +4 kids, Heather & Austin +5 kids, and Sarah & Matt +6 kids), and ended up having a pretty fun party despite it being so cold. Are families the greatest?!

Justin's family came a day early and we went and got donut's at 1am, apparently a Kokomo tradition. There was a line out the door waiting for them to open. It was 22 degrees.

Justin loves this creepy picture of Dad I keep in  my kitchen. I think Dad gave it to me one Christmas as a joke. It always gives me such a good laugh, I like to keep it in a very public place!!

One Saturday I had a lot of stuff going on. I had a stake church training (our stake is an hour away) that took up the whole morning. So Ben loaded up the kids and took them down to a wood mill museum. He came home wanting me to buy him one and telling me he was going to mill his own lumber. Not so sure about that. But cute kids!
Delaney is the cutest new sunbeam at church! She just looks so miniature sitting there in Primary with all the big kids.

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