Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2015 Snapshot

This is a little late, but I forgot to record a "snapshot" of 2015 like I have done in the past. I like to have a post where I record the big things that happen in the year, so I can look back and remember which year was which.

January I took a fun impromptu trip to visit my sister Haley in Las Vegas and to see her new baby, Leslie
February We took a fun family trip to Bryce Canyon
April  We spent Easter in Las Vegas with Haley's family
           I finished my first year of my MPA program
May  Joel invited us up to Horseshoe Bend for a fun Memorial Day weekend
July  We visited Heather, Ben's family, and Justin over the 4th of July
         My parents and little sister came home from their missions
         We had a fun Joel Flake Family Reunion in Idaho
August Ben cleaned out the backyard, tore down the old patio roof and built a new one on our Provo duplex
            We moved to Kokomo, Indiana and Ben started a new job that he loves
September The girls both started preschool for the first time
October Ben went on a week long work trip to Germany and I visited my sisters Sarah & Heather
November We spent Thanksgiving in Buckhannon, WV with Sarah, Heather, & Bethany
December We spent Christmas Eve with Ben's family, and had our first Christmas in Kokomo
                  We had a fun New Years weekend with Justin, Sarah, & Heather in Indianapolis

Sometimes all it takes it a little reflecting to realize how richly blessed you are. These lists seem to get longer and longer each year of happy memories we are building as a family.


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