Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Pictures

Halloween 2015: Elsa, Cinderella, and Prince Charming (I declared this the last year of princesses!)

The girls had Miss Spider's Tea Party at school and we came to the "bug parade." Here is my ladybug and bumblebee

Then we had a REAL invasion of ladybugs when the weather turned unexpectedly warm. The back door isn't sealed very well so plenty of them got in. It turns out ladybugs are harmless, but we do find them everywhere.

Date night!

I guess I should write a little something since I didn't have many pictures. It's easy to post happy pictures and let people write in the rest of the details, or allow them to imagine that they are the only one with struggles and problems. While we certainly are happy and enjoy being together, I'm so lonely here. I had to be somewhere the other day and realized there's not a single person I can call to watch my kids. There's no one I know well enough, nor are there many stay-at-home moms I can call on for help during the day. It's amazing to me, though, how God makes weak things strong. He can take the times that are difficult for us and use that humility to make us amazing instruments in His hands. I've been so willing and available to reach outside of myself these past few months, and God has been able to bless me and those I've served.

It's an wonderful blessing, to be willing to serve Jesus Christ, and it gives me greater joy than anything else in this life.

A note to my friends: I've taken a break from Facebook because I realized I wasn't connected to anyone I saw daily. Finding more ways to connect with people I see in real life, I discovered, was my favorite aspect of Facebook. So until I have more people I want to connect with on there, I'm keeping distant from it. I've been surprised how much I don't miss it. But I also know that it keeps me connected to so many people I really love, so I won't ever get rid of it. If you ever needed to contact me and you can't find me on there, I love email: ashley (dot) dilsaver (at) gmail (dot) com

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