Saturday, September 26, 2015

Great fun in the last month or so

These two are just so cute

As are these ones!

These are old photos. Back at our old house in Provo, Ben rebuilt the back porch roof. He conned my brothers into lifting this heavy (500 lb.) beam over their heads at 7am in the morning before they went to work. I was impressed that nobody died!
Our good old house got painted before we left. Thankfully by someone other than Ben this time!
Ben also installed all new blinds in the house, and we got the upstairs recarpeted. I guess you always need to "leave a place better than you found it." Only wish we could have enjoyed some of the upgrades!
Another old photo, the girls with some of their cousins.
Something cute Cheyenne brought home from preschool
Beautiful soft light in the kids' room
I love the view out the back yard

Our bathroom is a "white" bathroom, which I love. It always feels so clean and bright, it makes me happy.
Sometimes your daughter says "take a picture of me!" And, well, you have to say yes.
We went to a reenactment here in town and saw everybody dressed up in period clothes. It was in the middle of the forest on a cool damp morning. It was magical!

Cheyenne got some new belts... which obviously make great headbands for you and your baby

We love going on Sunday afternoon drives. One afternoon we ran into this tiny little airplane hanger and saw a few airplanes land and take off, literally right next to our car. It was pretty cool.

Sometimes (!!) all three of them end up in bed with us. Or in this case, in the guest bed.

We bought the kids new shoes, and it turns out it gives Cheyenne some great dance moves

We bought the kids pants (it must be fall!). Delaney was very excited!

We have a huge acorn tree out our front door and the girls love to collect acorns. Sometimes the squirrels love the little piles they find on the front porch!

I love the soft evening light when it falls across our house and leaves shadows. There's something so beautiful about the end of the day. Sometimes it makes me smile so much I have to take a picture of it.

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