Saturday, September 19, 2015

At the Apple Orchard

Preschool-age, though the hands-on-ness of it leaves me so exhausted, is such a magical time. My girls were so excited to go to the apple orchard with their class. They are still talking about the wagon ride, the cider mill, and picking their own apples. I always feel a little bit like a circus act any time I go somewhere-- one of my kids is inevitably lost, and the other two are wreaking some kind of havoc. Yet participating in their childhood-- the gasps of delight at the honey bee box, the squeal of glee on the hay ride, are things I would never miss.

The orchard was so quaint-- I loved it. The shiny apples in wooden boxes, the pungent smell of the cider press-- I smiled just wanting to bask in it all. It's a wonderful time that we live in. We Americans may not be as industrious with our hands as we used to be-- but we can admire ingenuity and tradition when we see it.   

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  1. I feel you on the circus act feeling and also the feeling of how wonderful it is to see them so delighted. I'm glad they love preschool! And Cheyenne looks just like Ben in the ones of the girls holding their apples. Ps. I kept telling myself that we should get together when you were still in Provo, I wish I had acted on it. I'm excited for your new adventure though! Thanks for posting, I love hearing your thoughts, I always feel uplifted after reading your blog.