Friday, July 10, 2015

Time Stands Still

How can I show you gratitude?
How can I express an appreciation for showing me I'm a part of something bigger than myself?
It was a quiet, calm morning. The fourth of July.
I walk down the streets you paved, painstakingly by hand, out of brick.
I pause to admire the house you built, 100 years ago. It still stands on the edge of the block with the hydrangeas out front.
I look up through the leaves of an abundant shade tree, a limber sapling in your day, now creating an oasis, a quiet shady corner in a busy world.
How can I say "thank you" for pulling me back to what's important?
I'll take a peaceful stroll down your street, just as you would have, and admire your labors of love.
What is life without a connection to the past?
Life is but one great round, connecting us to each other past, present, future.
Time stands still.

Lawrence, KS

A special thanks to my brother Justin, who took me on this walk in his city in Kansas, and who happens to love old houses as much as I do.


  1. I love old houses too. They have a magic to them but them you go inside and unless there has been major work done to them they don`t fit in our world---not enough plug ins, no closets or small closets, drafty windows and on and on. I guess we just need to build something new that looks old. Mom

  2. Fun post, Ash. And fun walk too!