Friday, July 31, 2015


There's something so vulnerable about getting your house photographed. You feel like your mistakes are on display for everyone to see. What was once a private, personal space will be picked apart by strangers as they walk through the hallways and rooms that contain your life.

The humble, seemingly out-of-the-blue way in which this major life change is occurring reminded both of us of when we bought this house. In fact, we can't even remember what prompted us to buy in the first place.

Several months ago, Ben saw an opening for a job in a field he's been interested in for some time. I encouraged him to apply.

"What about your school?" he asked.

"If you get it, we'll worry about the details later," I nodded.

With all the details now in place (I'll be taking a year off of school to become a resident, then take some transfer credits at another university, and finishing with some long-distance credits from BYU next winter), we'll be off to Indiana before the end of the month! We are excited for the adventure that awaits us as we start fresh in the Indianapolis, Indiana area as we start this new chapter of our lives.

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