Sunday, July 12, 2015

Here and There and Everywhere


I put the girls in a short summer dance class. They loved it.

Sunset in Kansas on the 4th of July
a camel in Kansas

the view from my sister Heather's front window in Ohio

For our 6th anniversary, Ben and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in literally the middle of nowhere. We played horseshoes as the sun went down.

We had a little rental car mishap and ended up having to drive to Salt Lake right during dinner time so we stopped for some food. Can you tell Ephraim was glad that we did?

I love these women I get to call my family. Some of my Flake cousins and lots of babies, babies, babies! I love having these women to look up to and to use as a sounding board. I am so grateful the Lord has given me this huge support system. I cherish it.

One of my cousins who is especially dear to me is my cousin Kristen (but who is she not especially dear to? She's incredibly likable, fun, down-to-earth, and kind!). Kristen and I are close to the same age, we took a couple of college classes together, started dating our husbands at the same time, and then got married in the same summer. We had our first babies weeks apart, and now we both have two girls and a boy. I always look forward to the time I get to spend with Kristen, and the strength and wisdom I gain from her. Families are so amazing aren't they? I thank God for the beautiful family I am a part of!

a new washing machine means...the box would make a really great house.

Spending time at one of our very favorite parks here in Provo.

these kids

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