Monday, November 17, 2014

What I Come Home To

I've been full of gratitude these last few weeks.

School has been a heavy load for me lately, as it should be as we get closer and closer to the end of the semester. But you know what I get to do between classes? I bake muffins. I sew stockings. I play with kids. I cuddle babies. I sit outside. I walk to the library.

I come home to joy. I can embrace fulfillment every time I walk in my front door. I feel so lucky. I feel fortunate. I feel incredibly blessed. School does not consume me like it does for so many of my peers. It can't, it's not my only responsibility.

I love school. I am learning so much. I am tired, but I've got so much more to think about. There's so much to do in this life. There are so many needs we have the power to fulfill that I hadn't before considered.

I can feel God change me. He makes us equal to our tasks, if we are willing to serve Him. I'm not perfect, but I have plenty to be grateful for.

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