Monday, June 9, 2014

Your True Character

In our world, we are taught that we don't already know who we are.

We are taught that we will feel the best, be the happiest, when we have cut off some intangible shackles placed on us by society.

That we are happiest when we define ourselves by adjectives, character traits. And that that is the extent of "being you." Loving your faults. Accepting them. This is who you are, says the world.

Who are you?

Is it something to be found?

Do you need to search on the mountaintops?

Do you need to try on every different adjective, every character to decide which one feels natural?

I'll let you in on a little secret that the world is confused about.

You already know who you are. You already know your true character.

You are innately something bigger than yourself.

As a teenager I did not live this truth. I was "the funny one" and I embraced it. This is who I am, I told myself. Even now, when I get into an uncomfortable or awkward situation, I slip back into this role.

Satan (and in turn, the wisdom of the world) feeds a steady diet of half-truths so we will ingest the lie. It is true that it is important to be authentic. God wants us to be consistent, to live with integrity. It is true that differences are inherent in God's children. Truly, I enjoy cracking jokes more than most.

But I am not a sum of my parts. God knows this. He does not define me as "his funny daughter." And truly, we ourselves recognize this too. Everybody in my family likes to crack jokes. In a room full of comedians, I don't compare.

We are also not defined by our faults. My Heavenly Father does not see me as the "quick to anger" one. So there's no reason for me to go around blasting, "I get angry. This is who I am. DEAL WITH IT."

What is your true character, then? Baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can learn it through reading their patriarchal blessing. But everyone, regardless of their faith, can also learn their true character by studying more about Christ. He is our brother, his father, our father.

You are loving. You are kind. You are friendly. You are grateful. You love others more than yourself.

By praying, tapping into the source of where we truly came from, we can feel the soft embers burn within our hearts of what is true. And as we grow closer to Him that true-ness will seep out of us, and other people will be more able to see our true character. Although we already are divine, we will also live divine, therefore "being you" in the completest sense of the word.

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