Friday, June 6, 2014

The love of my life

I spend a lot of time talking about kids and babies on this blog. It would be easy to believe, if one were to paint a picture of me using only this record, that they are my world. I don't want the record to be misguided. I don't only think of Ben on holidays and anniversaries.

Putting in a sprinkler last night

And just for fun, his two favorite songs lately. (As a side note, Ben is a country guy through and through. I always find it amusing when he latches on to something more mainstream. Pop culture is not his forte, so I think it's kind of cute)

He is my world. I miss his presence every second he is gone. I wait in loving anticipation for him to walk through the door. I smile when I see his face. I don't want to miss a single word that he says. There is no one I would rather talk to, be with, sit by.

I have a busy husband. I married someone who taught me that work is a way of life. Frankly, before we got married, I looked down on these people, the kind that never slow down. I thought they somehow loved their family less. But I can see the godliness in it now. This busy person has become someone I love deeply. A friend once told me, "I think I need my husband more. I just can't stand it when he is away."

I can't stand it. Just because I see him less doesn't mean I love him less. He occupies my thoughts. He is my rock and my partner. It may seem to be a one-man show during the day, but "sustaining" has become less of a separation of duties in our relationship and more like an emotional force that moves me throughout the day.

I love this man deeply, earnestly. I don't ever want to let ingratitude slip into my heart. Good men are hard to come by these days. Men who put family and responsibility ahead of their own wants, addictions, or selfish desires. I see so many women left unloved,  pained because their man chose something else over them. And I see good men pained because their wives do not recognize what they are. We do not have a perfect relationship. I forget what I have sometimes, too.

Ben chooses us. He is the love of my life.

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