Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mostly Photos

We're leaving for our annual trip to the Midwest so it'll be awhile till I post again.
Also, I'll be changing the url of my blog to when I get back (probably on July 8th I will change it). I'll post again before I do it, but here is a heads up!

My sister Haley came for a visit on Memorial Day

Our dear friends and neighbors the Kents moved. We are so sad

Our other neighbors that we love, the Strains

Hey Ben, did you want some edemame with your salad?

Or how about a playdough pizza?

Wouldn't YOU like to take a nap with a cape put on by your sisters?

Late night Support Runners prep

At the expo

Some great posters made by supporters!

Joel's family came for a visit

"He's too heavy, Mom"

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