Monday, June 16, 2014

Celebrating Real Men on Father's Day

My community is full of good men. We are honored to have them among us. Men who shoulder responsibility faithfully. Men who love their wives. Men who provide and protect. I know these kinds of men are becoming rarer and rarer in our society.

I think it is our duty to honor them. To make them role models. These kind of men don't make the headlines. They aren't lying, cheating, or breaking someone's heart, they are just plodding along. "Boringly" doing what is right. Making others' lives safer and more comfortable. How we love them.

I think it's important to remember that these kind of men are made. They are shaped and molded by those who love them. All men (and all people) falter. We all make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. Because men have a role to provide and protect, their mistakes can leave others hurting and broken. But even men (and women) who make big mistakes are of great worth in the sight of God. How to be a good man is something that has to be taught.

They learn their duty not by nagging, prodding, and shaming, but by love and respect. A vote of confidence, a good role model can do loads to help someone along their path. When he can see the way, see the honor in the way, he can get closer and closer to his true character.

So let us hold up and honor what makes a real man. Loving the mother of his children. Sacrificing earthly pleasures for the ones they love. And let us do this by respecting men in our daily conversation and in our relationships. Putting in their path real role models, and not superficial ones, that can make all the difference. Real men are worth cultivating and striving for. I feel incredibly blessed to have so many "real men" in my life, and to have one as the father of my children.

Love their mother

D. Todd Christopherson Let Us Be Men

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