Monday, May 26, 2014

Uncle Gowen

"Gowen" is what Delaney calls my brother Dillon. It's pretty cute to hear in person.

We love having Dillon live close to us. We don't talk about him enough! How much we love having him visit, finish off the leftovers, babysit, or just sit and chat. Dillon loves to think big thoughts, and he also loves to do the right thing. He is unassuming and humble. He is so considerate and others-centered.

That's why when I asked my brother Dillon to help us with a little big project he jumped at the occasion. Because, you know, it's not like he doesn't already do a lot for us or is a busy student or anything. There was no grumbling out of him. A truly kind soul wishing to share his talents to help somebody out.

Ben had a great idea several months ago and we've been trying to bring it to fruition. It's a little tedious to explain, so I knew a videoscribe video would be just the thing.

Dillon is a talented artist and has a great speaking voice (a great singing voice too!). His creative wheels spin a little faster than most.

Can you believe no one has snatched this guy up yet?

 The Utah Valley Marathon is just weeks away! If you know anybody who could use our service, be sure to pass along the word.

Thanks Dillon for being a great brother!


  1. He was my favorite here on the East coast. (New Jersey). And he looks super cute with a little more hair then he had while he was here. He really is such a great person!!! He loves his family so much! He would talk about all of you often!

    1. What a nice thing to say! We love Dillon too!