Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Feast

Mother's Day happened. I didn't get any cards or breakfast in bed, the floor was still unmopped and I made my own dinner. According to our culture, I missed out on being appreciated on Mother's Day.

But God does not see love in such a narrow scope. I know Ben loves me and appreciates me, he showed me in ways that might not be recognized by our society. Or me, still, this year. I haven't gotten over complaining on Mother's Day yet.

However I had an amazing Mother's Day. I felt different at the end of it, changed.

The phrase "It takes a village to raise a child" has been on my mind lately. I thought about some of the women who have been mothers to my children.

My neighbors immediately came to mind, as well as Cheyenne's Sunbeam teacher at church and my visiting teacher. These women mother my children frequently, sometimes daily as we interact with them.

One of my neighbors I have known for a short time. But you can instantly see the inside of someone's heart by the way they treat someone else's child. She is kind and gentle.

One of my neighbors is a single mom. I paused for a moment when I picked out her gift. Who will celebrate her today? Who has noticed the countless hours she has mothered? Where's her husband, so she can complain about not getting breakfast in bed? She will get up tomorrow the same she always has. I notice you. I have seen the loving mother that you are.

One of these women is struggling with infertility. Will Mother's Day be painful for you? Will you mourn the 'not yet'? I have seen you with my child. I see your anxious concern and infectious zeal for life, the way you make the children's eyes light up. You are a mother.

One of these women is older and single. Do you feel left out today? Have you taken to pointing out your own mothering instances, because there's no one there to honor you? You are a godsend to my children. Your calm and friendly demeanor makes them love you. The service you give to our family is immeasurable. 

And still I'm sure I left somebody out. But now I know why Mother's Day happens once a year.

When we are 'mothers' (that is, as the world defines it, stewards over children) we have the sacred trust to point out the mothering we see being given to our children by other women, regardless of their marital status or number of children. In this way we are pulling out the divine, pointing out the Truth. Helping all of us believe and fulfill our role as Eve did on this earth, who was "the mother of all living" before she ever gave birth.

Let's change our culture. It can be as simple as asking "Who did you get to celebrate on Mother's Day?" rather than "What did you get?" In turn helping all of us think of others rather than ourselves, as God would have us do.

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