Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Am Enough

There are no performance reviews when you are a mother. Nobody sees the quiet moments, the countless hours that you nurture and care for children. It's just you.

Like most women, I'm pretty good at seeing what I do wrong. It's also easy to do a total 180 and decide you are better than someone else, even subconsciously, because of the things we do or teach in our home.

God is aware of what we do right. But his awareness is not in relation to someone else's performance.

So much of gospel living is correcting our thought patterns. It's about taking a thought and saying, "Wait, why am I thinking that? What is motivating me to think that way?" And replacing that motivation with the way God thinks.

He tells me, your performance is not viewed in relation to someone else's performance.

I know I am enough.

When Cheyenne says "I'm pretty because I'm a child of God."
When Delaney gets hurt, she cuddles up on my lap and demands, "Song. Baby Mine."
The fact that Ephraim can't take his eyes off of me and smiles as he follows me around the room.

You can ask him too and find out that you are enough. There won't be any balloons and confetti, thank you cards or celebrations, but He can show you the moments you are doing right.

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