Friday, April 4, 2014


The signs of spring have been recognized for thousands of years. In one of my favorite picture book series, it retells the spring traditions of civilizations throughout time. Even ancient Russians, with their feet of snow still on the ground when spring arrives, celebrated its return. 

They knew that every year spring would come. Every year the snow would melt. So when the temperamental spring weather sometimes takes a turn for the worse, I remember my ancient Russian friends with a foot of snow. Even they celebrated spring, when they couldn't even see the blades of grass growing under a sea of white.

Ancient people knew that the signs of spring meant the yearly rebirth of the earth. It's not simply a coincidence that we celebrate the rebirth of our Savior at this time. His creations are masterpieces, works of art forming before our own eyes. It's like watching the forming and shaping of a human spirit, slowing growing and soon bursting forth with beautiful blooms, all on our front lawn.

And so we, too, take springtime to create. Our creations are on the human scale, small and earnest. Finger paintings that mimic the brilliant colors of spring.

Father won't you tutor us in creating new life after death?

But you already have. As the sun sets each day, I have the chance to repent and begin again. Thank you for spring.

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