Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Who wouldn't want to butter the wooden letter puzzle?


I have to admit that the stage that you're in is a hard one for me. 18 months to 2 1/2 is the height of tantrums, messes and crying wailing around here. But I loved your baby stage, so I have full confidence that it is just your behavior I have a hard time with, and nothing else.

Intermittent with your tantrums, I see that little girl I love. Any time I sit down you find your way on to my lap. You still love to cuddle which warms my heart.

Your budding imagination always puts a smile on my face. You fully participate in the games Cheyenne and I play, trying to fight off the alligators while our raft is out to sea or protect the baby from Captain Hook. You love to play Tag with your dad and insist on "Jingle bells" after your bath (swinging you back and forth in your towel). You are a little thrill-seeker and giggle after you catch your breath.

You have a naturally sweet spirit, always the first one to give, and a doting older sister to your baby brother. You have a word for just about everything these days. One of your first recognizable words was "friend." You along with your sister have an infectious love of people, shouting at people on the street hoping to get a smile out of them. And you do. You two are quite a team.

You and your sister share a lot of positive traits that I hope you use to influence, mold, and shape our family for good. Driven. A love of being active and outdoors. A concerned friend. A desire to do good.

I'm rooting for you, Delaney. Your soul is full of light, you are a daughter of a Heavenly King. You will learn and grow, but one thing will never change: your Heavenly Father is a part of you. Remember this. I can see it, and you will someday too.


Your mother

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